heat treated lumber  

About HT Lumber & Crates.

Mission Statement
Our continuing goal is to provide a safe work place in order to give our customers quality products at a fair price while providing excellent service.

Our Guarantee
We guarantee that all HT lumber material shipped to our customers is usable. If not usable, all we ask is that our customer place the item to the side and it will be replaced or credited with our next shipment.

Company History
Allenton Lumber Company was founded in 1984 to service the industrial community in the greater Chicagoland, Rockford, and Milwaukee areas. Quality material, at a fair price, along with excellent service has always, and will always, be our main focus. We created a new division called HT Lumber and Crates in 2008 to better define that part of our product offering in the marketplace.

Trees Are Renewable
Trees are a crop, and as such, a renewable resource. America is presently replacing more trees each year than it takes from harvest. America has now more board footage in growth than was present when our country was founded.


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ISPM-15 Certified for Export

Specializing in HT lumber, plywood, cut-to-size, crates, production platforms, closed loop pallets, skids, pallets, bracing, blocking and custom work.

HT lumber